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Once upon a time, I fell in love with a local band and decided to get their attention by creating an impromptu dance video to my favorite song of theirs. Well, I guess it worked because it led to me and two of my partners in crime collaborating with them on an improv-based dance film about our unending desire to just DANCE.

So here it is, Aabaraki and MATYCHAK give you “Dance-Shee” because really - who doesn’t want to watch some beautiful ladies dance to a kickass song?

Preliminary concept sketch for #DIG by Alisa Nadolishny.

#dig2014: Day 29-42

Just a note: I won’t be posting everyday on tumblr any longer, only the compilation videos. To follow our process DAILY just “like” MATYCHAK on Facebook by clicking here!

Our second compilation video! Day 15-28 #dig2014

Tomorrow, I leave for a vacation to Florida. Let’s take #dig2014 on the road!

After making movement on the fly, here’s one in a familiar location. #dig2014

Yes. #dig2014

Waiting for the subway after work #dig2014

Smirky hand dance! #dig2014

Baby it’s cold outside #dig2014